Nursing Specialties

Nursing is a diverse profession and has a vast number of specialties within the nursing profession. Certifications are also been carried out in many nursing specializations by professional organizations like

Pakistan nursing council.

Some of the Nursing specialties are discussed below:

Ambulatory Care Nursing: It deals with the large number of patients in the out-patient department and help out the patient and his family in teaching and translation prescriptions for their care.

Clinical Nurse Specialist: CNS is an advanced form of nursing practice which requires graduate preparation from a program that prepares CNSs from nursing council pnc. These nurses are clinical experts and can perform diagnosis and suggest treatment of illness through nursing interventions.

Home care Nurse: Home care Nurse provides the nursing services for the patients at home. They provide them supportive care and life assistance services.

Emergency Nursing: This is the specialty in which nurses’ deals with the critical patients who need rapid actions of help. The key role of the Emergency Nursing is they deal with the people in the phase when a diagnosis has not been made.

Neonatal Nursing: It is specialized area of nursing practice for caring of healthy newborn infants, premature or ill newborns and the newborns that need high technology assistance to survive.

Midwife Nursing: Midwife nurse deals completely with the prenatal care to expecting mothers, attend the birth of the baby and also provide postpartum care to mother and her newborn.


Scope of Practice in Nursing

The term “Scope of Practice” is used to classify the series of actions, procedures, steps and measures that are acceptable by law for a specific profession. In nursing profession the health care professionals should not only aware completely about their scope of practice but knowing the scope of practice of others as mentioned by the regulatory body; which are part of the nursing team is also very essential as it will be beneficial in providing best patient care. Pakistan nursing council emphasis on defining the scope as is the protection of public and the legal protection of the nurse. 

In the nursing profession a variety of different types of nurses are present. We all have seen unlicensed assistive personnel, licensed practical nurses, registered nurses, and/or advanced practice registered nurses. Each of them has its own legally defined scope of practice as stated by the Board of Nursing in each country and state. These scopes of practices are defined on the basis of the skills, educational qualifications and expertise for each type of licensed professional to assure that the patient’s can have quality care services in every nursing department.

The scope of nursing practice is a world-wide issue as the advancement in techniques of healthcare is growing more complex which is also resulting in the escalation of the healthcare cost. In this case the problems that are arising are too much responsibility burden on the nurses of client care and management; and the use of unqualified or under qualified people to provide healthcare services at low cost. According to PNC, each health professional should know clearly the limitations and boundaries set for their services.

Pakistan nursing council | Nursing Council

Pakistan nursing council (PNC) inspects and approves nursing schools. This council also approves education programs and has the authority to examine, register and enrolls nurses, midwives and nursing auxiliaries of nursing council. It is the job of this council to provide licenses to the nursing agencies and also monitoring nursing employers. In Pakistan nurses are required to wear distinguishing devices like pins and colored epaulettes to identify them as licensed professionals.nursing_council_pakistan

Initially the health-care services in Pakistan are ill-developed and the rate of employment in health care jobs in Pakistan was very low. After 1951 the government has concentrated on the development and improvement of health care services and one of the major steps is increasing the rate of fund to PNC Clinics. The Pakistan nursing council (PNC) has also played a key role to provide world-class health care and nursing council services to the patients.Nursing_council

PNC (Pakistan Nursing Council) is the most known nursing organization. Pakistan’s government is striving hard to improve the medical and health care services in the country. Many possible measures have also been taken. There is a need of more nursing schools in Pakistan to ensure the quality nursing care.


Health care has been identified as number one public priority – and nurses play a central role in delivering health care. Nurses play a vital in health promotion, education of patients on the basic care of the diseases and the public on the prevention and possible first aid of illness and injury. Nurses are the one who provide care and assist in cure; they also participate in rehabilitation, and provide support to the patients mentally, physically and emotionally and their main department in Pakistan is (PNC) Pakistan nursing council.No other health care professional has such a broad and extensive role.registration_body

Nurses play a dynamic role in patient’s counseling. They not only help them to fight from their illness but also educate their families about how to deal with the patients emotionally and physically so that he/she can struggle with the illness as well as continue with their normal life. Nurses do more than care for individuals. They have always been the leading character for the change in health care and public health in society.

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